Mohammed Al Turki

 Film producer, Entrepreneur. Philanthropist. Born in Saudi Arabia on 3rd July 1986, Mohammed Al Turki has successfully bridged the entertainment gap between “East and West” through his current and exciting endeavors in Hollywood.

For the second year, the B2B WORLD GROUP communication group has been collaborating with the unique producer Mohammed Al Turki.

During this time, we have developed and implemented three personal pr-companies in Los Angeles, London and Paris
We also planned and implemented the pr – concept, with the subsequent smm-promotion of the official profile of Mohammed Al Turki on instagram and Facebook

PR – B2B WORLD GROUP agency – offers companies an exclusive service – “Advertising Flash Mobs” in social networks. Social, viral recommendation of the brand, product and services of the company in Russia and abroad.

“Advertising Flash mobs” on social networks is our own development in the field of smm – marketing, which allows us to quickly make the company’s brand FOLK!

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